The Shaman's Way

Geoff Shaman


We are here to heal. I offer Shamanic Healing in one to one sessions.

These sessions comprise energy work; sharing of insight; guidance; and much more. Using my guides and through the vehicle of drum, chant, words and sound we can find your healing path and set you safely on it.


The wound is the place where the light enters you

Groups & Events

I offer a range of activities including ongoing groups, workshops and shamanic journeys where we can get together as a Spiritual community and share our wisdom and knowledge. These events are suitable for everybody, regardless of your experience.

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Journey recordings and other media

Shaman Fire

About Me

My name is Geoff and I am a shaman.

My professional life has traversed the spectrum of how our minds can work, from the highly rational to the completely intuitive. I was a lawyer for many years but still failed to find full satisfaction. Then I began to reconnect with some of the emotional, intuitive and spiritual experiences I had when I was younger.

This ultimately led to discovery within myself of a capacity for spiritual and shamanic work. Although my development as a shaman has unfolded naturally and intuitively, the techniques and practices I use are common to shaman everywhere.

I offer private sessions, groups and workshops in Auckland and elsewhere in New Zealand.