Live Life, the Shaman's Way

Shamanic Healing

I profoundly believe that at the core of why we are here is to make ourselves whole, to heal.

Shamanic Healing is as ancient as humankind itself. Shaman use altered states of consciousness to mediate between the world of Spirit and the physical world.

Healing sessions usually begin with some conversation as to your purpose. I will then connect with my Spirit guides and we will take it from there. Sessions can include the sharing of insight received from Spirit, energy healing on and around the body, journeying and soul retrieval, the use of sound, chant and drum.

People have come to me for healing for the purely physical to the deeply psychological or spiritual. Some benefit from single occassional sessions and others from regular sessions for a period of time. This is something we can discuss after your first session.

Sessions cost $120 (or koha for those with limited means) and are in Morningside, Auckland. Click on the button below to enquire about an appointment.