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This is a place to share your experience of journeying and other Shamanic practices. Feel free to share your experience and read the experiences of others.

Matt - 25 May 2020

Into the cave and down. The tunnel getting smaller. Evil shapes in the darkness grabbed at me, I ran, they followed. A woman waved her hand and gold erupted brilliantly from the rock of the path. The evil ones could not follow. The woman lead me to a cavern, she spun me around, by the hands, then the feet. I was spinning so fast I could reach into the rock, into the gold in the rock. I realised she was an earth elemental. She let me go and I spun down through the rock to the centre of the earth. A huge bright yellow light ahead of me became the eye of an enormous creature as I approached. Frightened, I asked him for a special power. "Love is the strongest power", he said, then told me to leave. Floating towards the surface I avoided the dark shapes ahead. A woman reached out to take my hand and I knew her to be a white spirit from the sacred white sage of the American Indian people. When I asked her what would be the biggest danger to me, she replied "despondency."

Anon - 27 Apr 2016

Thank you for a great evening. I was met with a challenging group of Maori and American Indians warriors .Both had full facial face tattoos / paint.I showed no fear. I was offed a pipe to smoke which I declined. I then stood on the edge of a cliff arms out reached, flowing hair and garments arms and let the strong wind blow away stuff. Was a wonderful feeling Walking the labyrinth I asked a medical question.I started walking OK, towards the middle it became an effort to walk .I new I had to go on .Reaching the middle I had to center myself for a few moments. I walked out with a spring in my step. - Outcome-There will be some cracks and up and downs with health still to come and that is OK Life is a challenge

Michelle Robinson - 26 Oct 2015

Sunday 24th Oct It was an amazing time to become a bird and fly so high, there were so many people dancing and chanting in that space, I definitely had someone in spirit touch me on my left shoulder and I saw half a face, the mouth, nose but more noticeable was the eye. I brought four of my friends with me and they loved it too. Great afternoon Blessings Michelle

Anon - 24 Oct 2015

Got image of dry red ground .... On a red cliff had an open fire but no flames just thin long silver smoke line joined to the sky. In a forrest of ceder. I was looking down to see all of those. Yes, I was a big bird.... Condor? Golden Eagle? A big glider dark colored bird. I was chucking my shame, fear into the open fire already before you asked us to do it. This is a comfirmation of what I'm told before. Glad to get this :) I do not get visualizations normally so, it was a very nice surprise! I'm so keen to discover more, go deeper my journey.

Michelle Robinson - 15 Oct 2015

I Totally loved the journey on the 11th October 2015. It was a lovely experience and I got a lot out of it. My question was answered, as we journeyed down into the earth. I saw so many things and I love the drumming. The whole experience reminded me of a breath workshop I went to once, with Bob Frame when he came for a visit from the States. I've always love Native American culture and music and drumming it takes me somewhere in time and since I moved out to Kumeu the Land is so healing. I would love to go again Kind regards Michelle

Michael - 17 Aug 2015

Hi Geoff, Many thanks for yesterday's workshop. You supported my need to be vulnerable, by allowing my body to move in a safe space to your intuitive drumming and beautiful chanting. I was able to journey deep to allow the discharge of tension from both my mind and body, and arrive at a place where I was filled with peace - I'm full of gratitude to you for this experience. Namaste, Michael

Claire - 03 Nov 2014

Wow, awesome journey yesterday! Started meeting a lion who showed me as a young boy I gradually grew up to be a man. A successful business man - confident capable and well liked and well connected. I had a family, a loving family. Then the family welcomed me as myself we had a fantastic time getting to know each other. I went dancing down the streets of New York with a polar bear. we were joined by the marathon runners - everyone was cheering and waving. Then it came time to return back through the business mans life back to the young boy with a wooden train for a toy. I threw away all insecurities in the fire and watched them burn. I returned to the forest and the beginning place revived and restored.

Linda - 21 Oct 2014

I arrived at the Upper World Journey on Sunday with a cat bite I had received earlier in the day – which had quickly infected. I work full-time with animals and the affected area on my hand - as usual - was hot, throbbing, stiffening and tracking up my forearm. I have had many cat bites over the years. Once they reach that stage of infection, they must be treated or they track all the way into the lymph nodes of the armpit. Not liking antibiotics, I kill the infection with an intensive 10 day course of oregano oil. After the particular guided meditation that included smoke entering every cell of our bodies from a fire being fed with healing twigs, branches and herbs; the bite began to cool. By the end of the night it no longer felt infected. By morning I decided not to start a course of oregano. Last night I took off the band-aid and today the area is back to normal. So my first experience of Shamanism has been quite remarkable from a healing perspective!

Claire - 20 Oct 2014

I attended the upper world journey on Sunday at the new venue which I found to be very comfortable and welcoming. I love my safe,familiar place where I start all my journeys and it was easy go there to begin my journey. After climbing the vine up Tane Mahuta I soared into the heavens. There I met a power animal - a polar bear who promised me strength like I had never known to support me in the work that I do. I posed my question to the Polar Bear the answer to which I had hoped would be forth coming as I have had some days of worry about the issue. Although I didn't get a straight answer this time I did soar like an eagle and danced with the polar bear in front of the fire. I was reassured that no matter what the outcome I would be OK. Since my journey ended I have hardly thought about my worrying issue and I have experienced renewed peace and a sense of reassurance. I look forward to the next journey - thank-you Geoff!

CT - 23 Jun 2014

My recent journeying experience at the winter solstice event was enhanced by the energies of the native bush, the setting sun, the bird life and the fire. It was only my second journey experience and initially my mind distracted me through its questions, doubts, analysis and evaluations. However following Geoff's instruction to listen to the drum when the mind intervened, I found that, after a short time, I was 'away', journeying. During the journey I received a very clear answer to the question I had asked at the outset. The answer was provided through very clear and meaningful imagery, accompanied by a 'feeling tone' and, after a moment's pause, a few words. In two or three different ways during the journey, the answer to my question was confirmed. Now, when I find I am slightly 'off-track' during the day, I can bring to mind the images and immediately my energy changes and I feel again the 'tone' of the message I received and it's accompanying words - all of which act to bring me back into line with what is real, what is 'correct' for me at this time - very powerful. Thanks Geoff.