The Shaman's Way

Online Healing Group

This Group is an opportunity for us to connect online in this time where it is increasingly difficult to meet in person.

We will begin by introducing ourselves and, if we wish, stating our purpose. There will then be a beginning invocation followed by a group meditation. After that the format will most likely be a brief talk by me on what has arisen within, followed by the opportunity to ask questions and enter discussion.

Questions and discussion can be on anything you wish - it may relate to what has arisen or to some issue or idea that is personal to you. It may be around your own healing or your desire to heal others. There are really no limits and our overarching purpose will be to connect and to follow where the energy goes.

Details of the next Online session are below


Date: TBA
Time: 7:30pm - 9:00pm (NZDT GMT+13)
Venue: Zoom - Meeting ID and Password after RSVP and place confirmation
Cost: $20 (or what you can afford)

Payment is by direct credit or PayPal.

All participants will start muted — and please mute yourself again after you speak. Feel free to speak whenever you wish or raise your 'hand' and I will call on you.