The Shaman's Way

Lower World Journey

Shaman in many cultures use a framework of accessing the lower, middle and upper worlds for different aspects of our spiritual nature. This event is a Shamanic Journey to the Lower World and is useful for you to gain insight and knowledge as to your path in life.

This Journey is for everyone, whether you have experienced a Shamanic journey before or whether you are completely new to Shamanism.

The Journey will be guided with the use of voice, drum and chant. There will also be guided meditation and an opportunity for some discussion and to share our experiences.


Date: TBA
Time: 4:00 pm to ≈ 6:00 pm
Venue: TBA
Cost: $20

No need to bring anything other than an open attitude. You may be sitting or lying still for a period of time and so bring clothes or a blanket to keep you comfortable if you think you will need it.


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