The Shaman's Way

Geoff Mercer

My professional life has traversed the spectrum of how our minds can work, from the highly rational to the completely intuitive. I first trained as a lawyer, specialising in litigation. This work is methodical and uses the logical, rational mind.

Geoff Mercer

I practiced law in New Zealand, Australia and the U.K. I worked in a large corporate law firm, and as a member of a barrister's chambers, but still failed to find full satisfaction. Then I began to reconnect with some of the emotional, intuitive and spiritual experiences I had when I was younger.

This ultimately led to my training in spiritual and shamanic work in New Zealand, in the Andes of Peru, in Bali, Indonesia, and in Mongolia, working alongside other shaman and traditional healers. Although my development as a shaman has unfolded naturally and intuitively the techniques and practices I use are common to shaman everywhere.

Drawing on my intuitive knowledge and on my experience in the commercial world, I have adapted these Shamanic techniques so they are accessible for those wanting to explore the unlimited aspects of their nature.